Saturday, February 14, 2009


So I got a new blog. GO!

Saturday, January 24, 2009

a mundane life.

wow, it's been a really long time since i last posted. the font setting here at home is different than the one on my laptop but i am too lazy to fix it. well i my christmas break is coming to a close. i have been substituting pretty much all of january. it has been so trying but so rewarding, i definitely know that this is my future career. i don't really know why i'm posting really, nothing exciting has been happening. everyone in town has gone back to school and all that is left here in Borger is John, Kayti and me. (really lame). Last weekend OBU opened its' dorms for free for the weekend. it was so nice to see everyone! i miss them all so much. John got a taste of what life will be like next semester. i'm so excited for him and it is still pretty surreal that he will be on the same campus as me.
wow this is a boring post.
i recently did an art project for John. it's a huge poster that is collaged and it is all about Africa. I'm really proud of it. If my stupid camera were working i'd post pictures. i'm sorta of hoping a new one will fall into my lap miraculously. i really miss having a working one.
so i am officially a college student. i know i've been in college for a semester already but not until now have i been totally and completely broke (besides for some change in my purse). it's rough i've been working my butt off for the schools earning about 400 dollars now which i won't even get to see. it all goes towards paying off my ridiculous cell phone bill. i know those are repercussions of my actions but it still stinks that if i'm LUCKY i'll see fifty to one hundred dollars after i worked so hard. oh well there is always next year.
anyways i'm ready to be back in schoo. i have a new roomie and i love her and i'm so excited about our new room and decorations and everything.
this post is kind of lame but i felt like writing.

Saturday, December 13, 2008

home and school.

so it's time to update. I just got through with my last week of real classes. Actually they were over on Wednesday, it was crazy. I felt like I had a four day weekend. But now I have to start studying for finals. It kinda sucks because on everyone elses facebooks say they are already home. We are here a week later than everybody else. But we also get six weeks of for the break while everyone else gets three or four. (score). I am planning on substituting for elementary school over the January if everything works out. I needed a copy of my social security card but my mom lost it. So I have to apply for a new one literally as soon as I get home. Makes my first two days of "break" pretty crazy.
I'm actually pretty nervous about going home. It's always so weird, the place you call home isn't really home anymore. It's bittersweet when I go home. I love home because my family is there and so is John, I get to be in the house I grew up in. I get to sleep in my squeaky bed, see my doggy and enjoy private bathrooms! haha. But it's weird when I feel like I have to come home at midnight, when I have chores to do and errands to run. My mom makes us do our quiet times before we get on the computer. I'm not used to that. I like doing my quiet time whenever I feel like it. (I still usually do it everyday). It's so weird and I know near the end of the break I'll probably be school sick, ready to see my OBU friends.
Anyways, it looks like John will be spending next semester at OBU with me. It's crazy how God ruins my plans, I love it. When I first came to OBU John thought he would be spending next year in the city going to school, then he decided to come to OBU next year and now it's working out that he can come next semester. I'm really excited, I think he'll just flourish here, to be around great Godly guys for the first time.
Anyways I should probably start doing laundry, filling out my Social Security form (ugh), and buy blue books and scantrons for finals.
Please be praying for me this week!

Tuesday, December 2, 2008

please keep holding on to me

Well it's been a few weeks since I last wrote on here and I decided to give the update. There's really not a lot. In a couple of weeks I will have finals which is pretty scary, the first time I've had serious finals. High school has not prepared me haha. Right now I'm working on a teaching unit that teaches kindergarteners about the habitats. It's SO fun! I also have a research paper due next Tuesday (my first college research paper)...yikes. I also have to enroll for classes, get some language labs in and study. It sounds like a lot but, surprisingly I am not worried. It seems that every year God teaches me a major lesson. With year quickly coming to a close I think I know what this years lesson is: STOP WORRYING. God really does take care of me. It's so crazy how everything that gets thrown at me and everything that loads me down my Jesus gladly takes and solves. I love to plan and I hate not knowing what will happen, but God has shown me how great his plan really is. I've been dating a boy for seven months almost and it's going great, I'm doing pretty well in my classes (it's still an adjustment), I am learning to manage my time and money, I am learning responsibility, I feel so close to the Lord, I am learning to ask for help. What a great God. I didn't even think this blog would take this direction, haha. Just please keep praying for me. Especially with my grades riding on finals.
song of the day: Never Let Go-David Crowder Band

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

like anyone reads this anyways

It's been over a week and it's time to blog again. I get the feeling like no one reads this but oh well, I do this for myself mainly anyways (and my mahm). Well it has been an eventful week, John came this past weekend and we had so much fun! We spent a lot of time in the city walking around bricktown, watching movies and what not, we also hung around OBU and went horseback riding! I have a life list with things I want to accomplish in my life and one was horseback riding (I've never done it before) and John took me. It was a blast.
These next few weeks are going to be pretty busy I guess with the semester nearing an end teachers are cramming curriculum and assignments. I have a Spanish project, Critical Thinking test, essay, research paper, Earth Sci project and an informative speech due all before (or a few weeks after) Thanksgiving break. Yikes! Be praying for me. I hate feeling stressed out and I sometimes have a problem with time management. I want to get everything done and done well and I want to feel prepared. It's a lot to manage. In all honesty I don't know how I'm going to do it and I need the Lord to give me strength to handle it all. I cannot do this alone.
So I have some good news! John got accepted to OBU and he was worried about telling his dad (who is the Church of Christ pastor) and he told his dad last night. His parents were totally cool with it. All his classes are going to transfer as well. God is so good.
So I got the random urge to learn to knit two days ago. Me and this girl on my hall made a trip to Wal-Mart and bought yarn and needles. We learned mainly off of YouTube and another girl who know how to knit gave us a few pointers. It was tough and frustrating at first to get the hang of but now I am a knitting machine! I'm getting pretty good and I am working on my first scarf thing. I can't wait to lean how to integrate colors, make hats and learn new stitching techniques.
Whenever I finish I'll try to post pictures on here of what it looks like (my camera died a few weeks ago so I am without a camera)

Monday, November 3, 2008

money, hostages and everything in between.

Well here i am again. I'm doing pretty good on this blogging thing. haha. I'm still unsuccessful in finding a job. I'm going tomorrow to apply at some more places. It's really getting frustrating and I'm getting worried. Please be praying. I have a bill I need to pay ( i went over on my darn cell phone) and it's quite a bit of money. My mom sends me money once a month and my dad does too every once in awhile. But making that stretch for a whole month with toiletries, food and's hard. I am halving it, half goes for me to spend and the other half goes to my bill. I find myself worried a lot about it, sometimes crying about it. I'm trying to hand it to God but it is so hard when you need that money by a certain time. Maybe this is too personal but I feel like I need to get it out.
This weekend was a lot of fun. Our school held a Halloween costume party in the empty dorm building that they are remodling for next year. It was a blast! There was a ton of people there and they had a live band and we all danced. It was so refreshing to have people all dancing goofy and having fun. So different from the grinding you see in high school. I went as Gabriella and my best friend Megan went as Sharpay from High School Musical. I'll list a few of the other costumes my friends picked: a cholo(that was Ben), a kangaroo, peter pan, Sarah Palin, a nerd, the baby from Who Framed Roger Rabbit, a Scot, a lifegaurd, a rugby player and Dwight from The Office. It was a blast. After we were done we made a 1:00am trip to Denny's and hit the hey around 2:30. Last night we all piled into cars and played a game called hostage. You split into two teams and pick two players and they switch. You blindfold the two players from each team. You take them in your car and drop them off at a random place in town. The goal is to find the hostage team members before the opposing team. Dangerous? Probably. Fun? Absolutley.
This Thursday John (my boyfriend) is coming to visit me. I'm so excited! He has a lot of things planned. We'll be dating for six months that day and he has a lot of surprises planned for the weekend. It'll be so nice to see him.
Just a few more weeks until Thanksgiving. Hooray! It'll be nice to be home again.

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

oh my...

me and megan

so it's been a really long time since i last blogged, i decided to log on and write (something i will try to do more of). Well, I'm in college now, what a change! I'm really loving it. I've become very good friends with the girl across the hall from me. Her name is megan and she is pretty much my soul mate. I never knew how my priorities change and pretty much everything. A 5$ t-shirt from Wal-Mart is exciting, being able to eat at Chili's just once a month is a blessing etc.. I am officially the broke college student. I'm in search for a job (thus far it has, tragically, been unsuccessful). I've never been complimented on how smart I am before, besides from John and my mom. My English professor said she "really enjoys my essays and I should think about becoming a writer"! I couldn't believe it. Of course I am still interested in becoming an elementary education teacher and I become more and more confident in that everyday.
I've become REALLY involved in this church called Good Shepherd. On a good day the chapel has about twenty people. It started last year and it has a huge children's ministry. On Sundays I sit with the kids in church, Sunday nights I play with the younger kids from 4:30 until about 6:30 then we go and listen to a quick message, and on Tuesdays we go to these apartment complexes and play with the kids there. These kids come from low income families and bad homes. One family was living in a two bedroom apartment with 6 kids and two parents, the kids were the sweetest things ever and were so excited to have some playmates. So many of them have captured my heart. It makes me so sure that those are the types of kids I would like to teach.
Things get tough, sometimes I really ache for a home cooked meal, I'm short on money from going over my cellphone minutes and nothing sound better than a night in my own bed. I've made some really great friends and Megan and I pretty much hang out with my brother and his friends. I love it here. I miss John terribly, so far we've gotten to see each other about every three weeks which has been nice. Luckily, he will be here with me next year.
Be praying for me. I'm excited (and a little nervous) about this chapter in my life but I'm loving it!